The Bookseller recently published an excellent profile of Martha Long. Read it here.

15 Aug

Bookseller profile of Martha Long


The final book in the Ma series is published soon. Here they are in order.

15 Aug

All 7 of the titles in order

Help us to make a promotional video for Martha Long

2 May

In May a film producer will be travelling to Dublin to make promotional video of Martha. She wants to interview Martha outside some of the places mentioned in the book. If you had to choose five which would you recommend she uses in the film?


3 Dec

On Facebook we recently ran a survey to see which authors Martha fans would compare her to.  There were some interesting answers ranging from high literature to mass market fiction and from authors rooted in Ireland to authors from the deep south in America. What do you think?  Do you agree with these or would you add some more:

Thanks for taking the time to let us know what you think.


9 Oct

At the Dublin launch Martha signed a few book plates (smart stickers which go on the title page of the book). We have decided to hold a draw for fans who couldn’t make the launch to win them either to put in their own copy of the new book or put in a book they might be buying someone for Christmas. If you’re interested go to the Facebook page for Martha Long and direct message her with your address. It won’t be used in the future or stored on a database.

Martha Long at Dublin book signing


14 Sep

An Evening with Martha Long at the Workman’s Club in Dublin was a roaring success. Thanks so much to everyone who came. Shame on the people who reserved tickets and didn’t turn up preventing other fans from getting tickets! There are some wonderful photos on the Facebook page, Bestselling Author Martha Long, so check if you’re in there and tag yourself so we know who you are. On the night Martha announced the seventh and final book in the series will be about Jackser dying and a huge cheer went up among the 200 odd people who were there. It will be launched in Dublin, same time, same place (we hope!) next year. Meantime if you’d like a Martha signing near you just holler. We can’t promise anything but it was the number of people asking to see here from Dublin which prompted that event so maybe we can fit another signing in before Christmas if there is enough demand.

5 Sep

Official pub date of Book 6 in the series is tomorrow, 6 September, but the book will be launched in Dublin next Wednesday 12 September at The Workmans Club so fans on the guest list hoping to get their book signed by Martha will be able to buy books there. Interesting to see who gets a copy first and by what means. Post here as soon as you get your hands on a copy and let us know how you got it!

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