9 Oct

At the Dublin launch Martha signed a few book plates (smart stickers which go on the title page of the book). We have decided to hold a draw for fans who couldn’t make the launch to win them either to put in their own copy of the new book or put in a book they might be buying someone for Christmas. If you’re interested go to the Facebook page for Martha Long and direct message her with your address. It won’t be used in the future or stored on a database.

Martha Long at Dublin book signing



  1. Catherine Kinsella October 21, 2012 at 9:41 am #

    Hi Martha just read your last book it was just brilliant it broke my heart to see Martha and Ralf turn their backs and walk away to hear Martha use that sentence never to make contact again please please please dont let that be the end of Martha Long she is part of my life now and thank you for the journey you have taken me and others on it was just wonderfull dont let it end here

  2. Aida Zainuddin November 17, 2012 at 4:55 pm #

    Hi Ms Long (Martha), I was introduced to your 1st book “Ma, I was sold for a few cigarettes” in September 2012 and tonight I have just finished your 6th book “Ma I’ve reached for the Moon and I’m Hittin’ the Stars”. I felt every word I read, I sobbed every sorrow you ached, I cried every sadness you felt but above all, I loved every joy you were blessed with. Reading your books were not only moments to enter into your life, they were also moments to humble the life I have. I wish I can one day meet with you, I live in Perth, Australia. When I am able, I would like to go to England and I promise I will find my way to Dublin to try to get to meet with you, either privately or in a public event situation, either way, I look forward to see you in person. Please come to Perth to meet your fans here.
    You are an inspiration in every sense of the word. Looking forward to your next book.

    Love and regard
    Aida Zainuddin

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