MA, NOW I’M GOING UP IN THE WORLD paperback available to pre-order!

20 Apr

You can now pre-order a copy of Ma, Now I’m Goin Up in the World in paperback at

 Publication Date: 5 May 2011

£7.99 Paperback

In the latest instalment of Martha Long’s autobiography, Ma, Now I’m Goin Up in the World, her story continues through her teenage years. 

At 16, Martha collapses on the streets of Dublin, suffering from starvation, exposure and absolute exhaustion.  She has reached rock bottom and something must give.  Otherwise, she may come to an untimely end.  After Martha is taken to hospital, Lady Luck smiles kindly on her and she is given the opportunity to get off the streets forever. 

Before long, Martha is on the way to leading the normal life she has so long dreamt of.  She makes friends, begins to put the misery of her past behind her, and even experiences her first taste of love.

For her, love is a powerful feeling.  She has never experienced real affection before and is now plunged into the complex world of love between a man and a woman.  This conflict between childhood and adulthood, with their different emotional needs, causes a war of confusion to rage within Martha. 

She is locked in an intense emotion that consumes her, for this is a forbidden love that can never be requited.  After all, Ralph Fitzgerald is a priest, and he will never break his vow of chastity.  This love brings heartbreaking consequences and changes the direction of Martha’s life for ever . . .

 Told with Martha’s trademark humour and warmth, Ma, Now I’m Goin Up in the World is also a great slice of social history of 1960s Ireland. 

Martha Long was born in Dublin in the early 1950s and still lives there today. She calls herself a ‘middle-aged matron’ and has successfully reared three children. She is available for interview.

 Martha Long’s titles include:

 Ma, He Sold Me for a Few Cigarettes

 Ma, I’m Gettin Meself a New Mammy

 Ma, It’s a Cold Aul Night an I’m Lookin for a Bed

 Ma, Now I’m Goin Up in the World


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