Ma, I’m Gettin’ Meself A New Mammy – Out In Paperback

13 May

Martha Long’s second book, Ma, I’m Gettin’ Meself A New Mammy is now available in paperback, priced £6.99.  Available from or any good bookshop

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One Response to “Ma, I’m Gettin’ Meself A New Mammy – Out In Paperback”

  1. Tony G. Henry June 1, 2009 at 11:52 am #

    Hello Martha.
    I was on holidays recently and while passing through Dublin Airport i saw your book on display,It was the title that drew my attention,so i bought it with the express intention of giving it to one of my sons,but curiosity of the book got the better of me and i read it while away. i was glad i did,and yes i enjoyed it,

    I was Shocked to read how hard you had to work and without almost any real recoginition for it.The lack of a parents arm around you,just to tell you how much they loved you and what a good girl you are,and the ordinary things we get from our parents,such as a personal relationship,which to all of us should mean the world and you had to go without.

    Yes i knew it was coming it was the last four pages where Sister brought you into Clearys Store and bought you your going away outfit,i loved your insistance,then you walked down the Avenue for the last time to another life.
    Yes Martha it was the last full stop in the book that left me crying,and also with out any clue as to what ever happened to you after that last full stop.Please reply and let me know,i am on a cliff edge to know.
    Yours sincerely,
    Tony Henry.(age 67)

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